Demo Race Cars

Lohen owns a range of race MINIs to support our on-track endeavours and has something to suit all Arrive & Drive customers irrespective of budget.

Built to meticulously high standards, Lohen's R50 and R56 MINI racers are always presented immaculately and maintained to the very highest level. They showcase our talents as one of the finest MINI race teams and, whether you're interested in a seat in a sprint championship such as MINI Challenge or endurance racing with Britcar or Endurance Racing Series, we can provide the very best MINI to get you on the top step of the podium.

However not only is Motorsport a fantastic way to showcase what our drivers and MINIs can do, it's also the perfect platform to test parts and components beyond anything the average road MINI would ever experience. Some championships offer freedom with regulations meaning we have the flexibility to use various products and can see how they stand up to extreme use. We believe that if a product performs on track, we can trust it to exceed our road customers' expectations. Our research and development into aftermarket performance New MINI products has been contributed to considerably through on-track testing and we proud to share our findings and recommendations with our customers and the New MINI community as a whole.