Heat Coatings

Within the fast road, track and racing world, heat coatings are widely considered a necessity if you want to claim every last ounce of performance from the components fitted to your car; Lohen has proven MINIs are no exception to this. We are proud to work directly with Zircotec, widely considered the world-leading manufacturer in thermal management and heat barrier solutions, increasing overall reliability and performance.

Lohen’s pedigree in racing has proven to us many parts on MINIs would benefit from ceramic heat coating to manage heat. We’ve coated a number of components on our racing MINIs and seen significantly lower temperatures both in the cabin and engine bay. Add to this the improvement of flow and performance that comes from ceramic coating and it’s a no-brainer; faster flowing gases correlate directly with better component performance and quicker lap times, reduced temperatures externally give better component durability.

Although Lohen has specific experience of applying heat coatings directly to MINI parts with great success, we are able to extend this service to all makes of vehicle, working directly with Zircotec to achieve great results for all cars and motorcycles.

Regardless of the vehicle or component, Lohen offers:

  • Zircotec Ceramic Coatings - a range of ultra high performance thermal barrier coatings that are specifically designed to prevent unwanted heat loss from engine exhaust system components.
  • ZircoFlex® - a revolutionary flexible ceramic heat shield material, offering superb thermal barrier performance at minimal weight and minimal thickness.
  • ZircoFlex® Form – a structural heatshield that combines stainless steel with Zircotec’s ceramic coating to provide strength and the ability to form structures.

There is a wide range of colours and applications to suit even the most aesthetically challenging product. With prompt turn around and excellent customer service, let Lohen help you ceramic coat those important engine and exhaust components. Please have a look within the online store for details of MINI coated products.