Suspension Setup

Lohen takes enormous pride in our MINI racing pedigree and we’re happy to pass on those skills and expertise to our fast-road MINI drivers. The finest example is our race-winning suspension setup, fined-tuned through years of experience and high-quality training with KW Automotive in Germany.

Many MINI owners want to extract every last ounce of performance from their engines but fail to recognise how important setting up their MINI’s chassis is. Lohen has proven, through our many years of MINI experience, that a well-balanced, direct-feeling MINI will be difficult to better on road or tack.

Whether you prefer a fast road blast or racing on track, Lohen’s MINI suspension setup will obtain the very finest results, creating a balance in your MINI that inspires confidence. We take the time to assess your current driving style, where you feel you can improve your MINI’s handling and offer proven suggestions to create the best-handling MINI within your budget and lifestyle constraints.

Fast road MINI customers and track racers alike can benefit from our leading suspension geometry equipment including EXE-TC tracking bars, Intercomp flat patch and weighing scales for corner weighting and expert guidance from highly trained mechanics.

We offer the following MINI suspension services:

  • Coilover, damper and spring fitting
  • Coilover setup – height and damping setting
  • Tracking – toe and camber (where adjustable)
  • Corner weighting
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