Servicing & MOT

Lohen offers Dealer-standard MINI servicing using OEM, OEM equivalent and aftermarket upgrade parts. Regardless of your MINI’s generation or model, Lohen can help. We offer competitive servicing packages completed to the highest standard and will stamp your MINI service book and reset the service interval to keep a record of the work.

MINI Servicing

What are my MINI servicing intervals? Because each MINI owner and their needs are unique, it’s varies from person to person. It’s good practice to attend to your MINI’s servicing on a regular basis. If your MINI is heavily modified or you drive the car particularly hard, a little more frequent tender loving care would not be a waste. Lohen firmly believes all MINIs should be well serviced and maintained ahead of any potential performance upgrades.

Generation 1 MINIs benefit from a regular servicing schedule detailed below:

  • Oil Service 15,000 miles
  • Inspection 1 30,000 miles
  • Oil Service 45,000 miles
  • Inspection 2 60,000 miles
  • Brake Fluid Change every 2 years
  • Coolant Change every 4 years



Generation 2 MINIs use a correction-based servicing system – in effect your MINI’s on-board computer will alert you when components need attention. That said, if you prefer to service your New MINI regularly, you could adjust your MINI servicing intervals to suit your needs. Generation 2 MINIs have direct injection engines and, as such, suffer from coking of the inlet valves, which is particularly obvious on Cooper S & JCW models. Over time this coking can lead to a loss of power and hesitation so Lohen recommends you factor in regular engine de-coking a part of your Gen 2 MINI’s servicing schedule. 

We offer walnut shell blasting and use dealer standard equipment meaning you’re guaranteed a perfect result every time. We can even dyno your car before and after the de-coke to show the improvement in power and torque.

MOT Testing Facilities

Did you know Lohen can organise an MOT for your MINI? We have access to MOT facilities on-site and can combine it with servicing or upgrade work. Should your MINI fail and require work to pass its MOT, Lohen carries a large stock of servicing and maintenance parts to get the job done, so we’ll have you back motoring as soon as possible.

Contact us if you have any MINI servicing or MINI MOT questions.