Tyre Fitting

Are your tyres worn and need replacing or are you looking to swap your MINI run-flat tyres over to standard tyres?

Lohen can help. With in-house tyre fitting and balancing equipment, we can install tyres onto your standard or aftermarket MINI wheels in a matter of moments. Lohen stocks a range of Kumho performance tyres and can install these while you wait. Our expert fitters are skilled in both road and race tyre installation so, whether your MINI is a daily drive or race car, we have all the necessary experience to expertly fit all types of tyre, from road tyres to slicks. Lohen can also perform puncture repairs to standard tyres.

A question we often get asked – “My MINI currently has run-flat tyres: can I fit standard tyres to my MINI wheels?” The answer is a resounding yes! And Lohen fully encourages MINI owners to switch from run-flats to standard tyres on their MINI. The sidewall on run-flat tyres is very stiff meaning a lack of handling and performance teamed with poor ride quality. Lohen recommends MINI owners switch to standard tyres and feel instant benefit from better road holding and handling, plus improved ride quality.

mini-tyre mini-tyre-fitting mini-tyre-being-fitted fitting balancing machines

We welcome all customers to enjoy a test drive in our demonstrator MINIs. These cars are fitted with the very best Kumho performance tyres and offer superb handling and great ride quality. The proof is in the pudding, as they say – book a test drive today!

Of course if you prefer, we can fit run-flat tyres – many MINI drivers appreciate the peace of mind that run-flats offer and we can’t argue with that! Contact us if you’d like to discuss your tyre needs.

Contact us if you have any MINI tyre fitting questions.