Helix Autosport Performance 6 Paddle Clutch & Single Mass Flywheel Kit


The Helix Autosport Performance 6 Paddle cerametallic clutch and lightened single mass flywheel kit is an ideal performance upgrade for the generation 2 MINI Cooper S and JCW.
Manufacturer: Helix Autosport


The kit uses a heavy duty pressure plate coupled with a high performance 6 paddle cerametallic drive plate material to deliver a torque capacity of 404 Nm for the clutch and single mass wheel kit. Despite the heavy duty pressure plate, the clutch maintains a usable clutch pedal feel. This is marginally heavier the stock clutch.

The 6 paddle cerametallic drive plate is direct allowing for quick gear changes but forgiving on engagement and much quieter than the 4 paddle option making it suited to road and track applications for high powered MINIs.

The single mass flywheel is lightened over standard allowing for performance improvements. The reduction in rotating mass allows for improved acceleration and pick up. The Helix Autosport single mass flywheel for the MINI has a Lohen measured weight of 6.2 Kg this is considerably lighter than the MINI dual mass flywheel which has a Lohen measure weight of 12.6 Kg.

The Helix Autosport 6 Paddle Cerametallic clutch and single mass flywheel kit is ideal for tuned and modified MINIs producing large amounts of torque but owners still needing to use the MINI under normal road conditions. The Helix Autosport 6 paddle kit is ideally suited to MINI’s running the Lohen Performance Pack 2 or 3.

Helix Drive plates are interchangeable between the Helix Autosport Organic, 6 paddle and 4 paddles clutch and flywheel kits allowing MINI owners to change the clutch torque rating without having to replace the whole unit making it easier and more cost effective to upgrade the car in stages.

The Helix Autosport Performance 6 paddle clutch will be noisy in operation, this is less so the 4 paddle option but the noise is evident on take off or when crawling through traffic. The 6 paddle plate delivers a smooth engagement. The clutch is ideal for tuned cars running high power.

Tech Spec

Rated to deliver drive up to 404 Nm
Flywheel weight 6.2 Kg



What's In The Box

1 x Helix Autosport single mass flywheel
1 x Helix Autosport 6 paddle cerametallic sprung drive plate
1 x Helix Autosport Heavy duty pressure plate
1 x Helix Autosport heavy duty release bearing

Fitting Details

Lohen offers professional, in-house fitting for all products at our workshop in Eccleshall, Staffordshire, ST21 6JL. Here are the important things you need to know:

Fitting Cost - £360

Fitting Time - 8 Hours

Required Additional Items/Services - Gearbox oil

Lohen Recommends - Fitting rear crank seal and installing Powerflex front wish bone rear bushes during this work as these are areas that are costly to service should they fail. The Powerflex polyurethane bushes also improve the handling of the MINI if the original rubber based bushes have begun to soften.

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