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Alta Air Intake Induction Kit for MINI R53 (Gen1)

The Alta Air Induction kit for the R53 MINI Cooper S is one of the most comprehensive kits available. Air intake systems that are able to shield the...

Discount: £-50.25
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Alta End Links / Drop Links For MINI (Gen 1)

Alta Adjustable Drop Links are a great replacement for the standard MINI drop links and will fit most Generation 1 MINI's. The OEM MINI drop links...

Discount: £-21.60
Rating: Not Rated Yet

Alta Lightened & Enlarged Crank Pulley For MINI R53

The R53 MINI Cooper S has always been plagued with slow throttle response. One of the reasons for this problem is down to the weight of the stock...

Discount: £-21.60
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Alta Positive Steering Response System For MINI

Complete control of your MINI is important. Increase steering response while braking and accelerating with the Alta Positive Steering Response System...

Discount: £-29.70
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Alta Rear Anti-roll bar Kit For MINI (Gen 1)

The Alta Anti Roll Bar is a fantastic kit available in 19mm and 22mm, which not only sharpens up the handling of your MINI, but also gives fast road...

Discount: £-35.17
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Alta Rear Control Arms For MINI (Gen 1)

Alta Rear Control Arms are a great solution because they give the user the ability to adjust camber and toe settings on the rear of a MINI. This is...

Discount: £-52.50
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Alta Reduced Supercharger Pulley Version 2.0 For MINI R53

If you're looking to add up to 21 BHP to your Gen 1 MINI R53 for minimal cost, look no further. Available in both 15% and 17% reductions, Alta has...

Discount: £-19.50
Rating: 5/5

Alta Replacement Induction Kit Foam Filter for MINI R53

A replacement foam filter for the Alta induction kit that fits the MINI Cooper S or JCW R53

Discount: £-10.20
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Alta Silicone Intercooler Couplers (Snoot Boots) For MINI R53

Alta Intercooler Couplers (or Snoot Boots, as they're sometimes affectionately referred to as) are a great addition to your MINI R53 Cooper S engine...

Discount: £-5.25
Rating: 4/5

Alta Single Gauge Pod For MINI (Gen 1)

The Alta Gauge Pod makes good use of the MINI rev counter casing by attaching just behind it. This gives great visibility for up to 3x 60mm gauges in...

Discount: £-6.45
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Alta Super Short Ariel Radio Antennas For MINI (Gen 1)

Alta billet aluminium Antennas are a fantastic addition to your MINI, allowing the removal of the long standard ariel that looks out of place....

Discount: £-4.35
Rating: 5/5

Alta Tensioner Stop for MINI R52 & R53

The Alta Tensioner Stop for the R52 and R53 MINI Cooper S & JCW is a great, cost effective solution to ensure that if your auxiliary belt snaps it...

Discount: £-3.75
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Lohen MINI R53/R52 Cooper S Tuning Starter Pack

Reducing the supercharger pulley is one of the most cost-effective ways of getting the 'best bang for your buck' out of your MINI Cooper S or JCW,...

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