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Alta 'Stiffy' Blow-Off Valve Spring (Gen 2)

The Alta Blow-Off Valve (BOV) upgraded spring is a brilliant way of allowing your MINI to hold more boost between gear changes. The stiffer spring...

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Alta 60mm/52mm Gauge Pod For MINI (Gen 2)

Alta Gauge Pods for the generation 2 MINI offer a innovative design for easy installation allowing up to 3 52mm or 60mm gauges to be fitted to your...

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Alta Air Induction Kit - MINI N14 & N18 Cooper S and JCW

The Alta Air Intake Kit for the Generation MINI Cooper S and JCW has been engineered to give horsepower and torque gains throughout the rev range.

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Alta Boost Port (Gen 2)

Don't want to drill a hole in your intake manifold to get a boost source for a boost gauge? Alta's boost port is an easy way to get a boost source...

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Alta End Links / Drop Links Version 2.0 - Gen 2

Alta Adjustable Drop Links are a great replacement for the standard MINI drop links and will fit ALL Generation 2 MINI's. The OEM drop links are...

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Alta Positive Steering Response System For MINI

Complete control of your MINI is important. Increase steering response while braking and accelerating with the Alta Positive Steering Response System...

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Alta Rear Anti-roll bar Version 2.0 - Gen 2

The Alta Anti Roll Bar (or Sway Bar) is a fantastic kit available in 19mm and 22mm, which not only sharpens up the handling of your MINI, but also...

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Alta Rear Control Arms - Gen 2

Alta rear control arms are a great solution because they give the user the ability to adjust camber and toe settings on the rear of a MINI. This is...

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Alta Short & Super Short Radio Ariel for MINI (Gen 2)

Alta billet aluminium antennas are a fantastic addition to your MINI, allowing the removal of the long standard Ariel that looks out of place....

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