Lohen De-Coke Service For N14 MINI Cooper S & JCW Models


If you own a N14 Generation 2 Cooper S or JCW MINI, it’s likely your R56 will be suffering from a build up of carbon around the valves and intake ports. It’s not anything you can avoid, unfortunately, due to the second gen MINIs using direct injection for improved performance and fuel economy. But if you don’t take steps to minimise the impact of coking, your MINI can suffer all manner of issues.
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If you own a Generation 2 MINI with an N14 engine, Cooper S 2007-2009 or MINI JCW 2007 - 2012, it’s likely your MINI R56 hatch or R55 Clubman will be suffering from a build-up of carbon around the valves and intake ports. It’s not anything you can avoid, unfortunately, due to the second generation MINI’s using direct injection for improved performance and fuel economy. But if you don’t take steps to minimise the impact of this carbon build-up (coking), your MINI can suffer all manner of issues. Generation 2 MINI’s coming to Lohen will benefit from a complimentary Visual Health Check and, our many years of experience can signal where an MINI is down on power or not behaving as it should.

Tell-tale symptoms include general hesitation or reluctance to pick up when accelerating, a decrease in fuel economy and, most importantly, a loss of power. Some of this may not be obvious to a daily driver, where this slow build-up of carbon eats into BHP. You can trust Lohen to help you pinpoint the issue. Lohen now offers a high quality De-Coke service to all Generation 2 Cooper S and JCW petrol MINI owners by blasting minutely-crushed walnut shells into the intake tract and valves, then vacuuming them away with specialised equipment. What used to take hours of labour plus soaking of valves and cleaning can now be achieved quickly, efficiently, safely and cost effectively. The walnut blasting system is used by MINI and is proven to be safe and effective.

It’s worth considering De-coking as part of your regular MINI servicing and upkeep schedule as, due to the nature of direct injection engines, the build-up cannot be prevented.

It may be time to consider a Lohen De-Coke if you're MINI is suffering from:

• General hesitation
• Reduced airflow
• Sluggish acceleration
• Generally feeling ‘flat’ and lacking responsiveness and power 

To learn more about coking and de-coke servicing for the MINI please click here.

Lohen offers a range of de-coke services

Lohen Simple De-Coke Service

• Visual Health Check
• De-coke service using walnut shell

Great value money the de-coke service does exactly as it says, removes coke from the inlet valve.

Lohen Full De-Coke 

• Leak Down Test
• Compression Check
• Before Dyno Runs to assess base power output and AFR readings
• Combustion Gas Test
• Complete Health Check Sheet
• De-Coke Service using walnut shells
• After Dyno Runs

This is the ideal service for the enthusiast or if you have recently purchased the car. It provides further insight into the engine health and can uncover other issues that could be a factor in running problems. The dyno runs give proof of the performance gains and data on running values. 

Tech Specs

Walnut shell de-coke service  

What's in the box

Work is performed at Lohen HQ based in Eccleshall, Staffordshire, ST21 6JL.

Fitting Details

Fitting Cost - The price includes all labour and materials

Fitting Time - Approximately 3 hours for the simple service and 5 hours for the full service

Required Additional Items/Services - None 

Lohen Recommends -  A Manic Motorsport ECU tune to increase power further and give your MINI a new lease of life


Wednesday, 26 August 2015
First off I currently drive a 2011 Mini Cooper S (N18) its and they showed I didn't have any carbon deposits so having a Decoke would actually not benefit me at all and I was very pleased that Lohen were very honest and told me this.

So even though I went in for a Full Decoke service, Lohen showed me that it wasn't worth doing and only charged me for the Health check and dyno run. I still feel this review is relevant to this product because it was what I originally what I went in for and because of the 5 Star service Lohen give their customers they showed I didn't need it doing.

So if you have an N18 engine it does seem like they don't suffer as bad as the N14 engines with carbon deposits. If you do have an N14 engine that has done high mileage like Ali Mir above then having this done will definitely benefit you.
Adam Sale
Wednesday, 06 May 2015
Had my JCW decoke at 65,000 miles by Lohen. I went for full decoke to check the engines health along with before & after dyno runs. All levels were good with standard figure at 209 BHP & 283 NM and after the decoke power and torque raised to 225 BHP & 307 NM. I was over moon about the figures but real transformation was how it felt on the road. It literally feels like Lohen had dropped a new engine into her with power being instantaneous and never ending to the rev limiter. Well worth the money and the best MINI specialist working on my JCW.
Ali Mir