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16GB MINI Branded Key Style USB Storage Stick

A MINI USB storage device that is in the style of the new generation 3 MINI key with lock & unlock buttons. A perfect gift for any MINI fan.

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Airtec F56/F55 Front Mount Intercooler For MINI Cooper S

The Airtec Front Mount Intercooler for the MINI F56 Cooper S is a performance intercooler that will reduce intake temperatures helping increase bhp...

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Brembo 2 Piece Big Brake Kit - MINI F56/F55

The Brembo GT Series Big Brake Kit designed to give your MINI F55 or F56 optimum braking performance, whether that is on the road or the track.

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CravenSpeed Gemini Smart Phone Mount For MINI

The Gemini Smart Phone Mount by CravenSpeed is an all-in-one solution for displaying any size phone in a safe secure location in your MINI. Perfect...

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EBC Greestuff Rear Brake Pads For MINI (Gen 3)

The EBC Greenstuff Rear Brake Pads for the generation 3 MINI offer good biting performance and fade resistance for the day-to-day MINI driver. Best...

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EBC Yellowstuff Rear Brake Pads For MINI (Gen 3)

The EBC Yellowstuff Rear Brake Pads for the generation 3 MINI offer very good brake fade resistance and stopping power, being capable of repeated...

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Eibach Black Extended Wheel Bolts For MINI - Gen 2 & 3

Eibach Extended Wheel Bolts in black for the Gen 2 and 3 turbo charged MINI. Perfect for someone who wants to match the wheel bolt colour to their...

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Eibach Lowering Springs For MINI F54 Clubman Cooper S

Eibach Pro Kit Lowering Springs for the MINI Cooper S F54 Clubman. Lower your MINI Clubman by 25-30mm for improved asthetics, improved handling and...

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Forge Motorsport Performance Intercooler For Gen 3 MINI Cooper 1.5

The Forge Motorsport Performance Intercooler for the MINI F56 / F55 1.5 litre Cooper is an uprated 2 step core intercooler designed to increase power...

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Goodridge Braided Brake Hose Kit - Front & Rear - MINI Gen 3

Give your MINI F56 or F55 a more responsive and firmer brake pedal by upgrading your brake lines to the Goodridge braided brake hose kit. For...

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KW Street Comfort Coilovers for MINI F56/F55

KW Street Comfort coilovers are a suspension set up for MINI owners who want added comfort to their ride whilst still maintaining OEM or even...

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Nitron R1 Adjustable Coilover & Top Mount Kit For MINI F56

The Nitron R1 adjustable coilover and top mount suspension kit for the MINI F56, now available at Lohen. The chosen brand by MINI themselves for...

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OZ Racing Formula HLT Wheels

The OZ Racing Formula HLT wheel takes inspiration and technology from the OZ wheel used on Ferrari's F1 2012 Race Car. The Formula OZ wheel has a 10...

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ST X Height Adjustable Coilovers For MINI F56, F55 & F57

ST Suspensions ST X model is a height adjustable coilover suitable for the MINI F55, F56 and F57 will lower your car between 25-50mm. Perfect for the...

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ST XA Height & Damper Adjustable Coilovers For MINI F56, F55 & F57

The ST XA suspension is a great option for Gen 3 MINI owners to lower the MINI and who want that extra damper adjustment option for setting up your...

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